MS Design is a landscape design studio that focuses on planting design. MS Design creates a wide range of designs that are responding to the site with the most natural and respectful approach. Each of the projects is unique and deserves a thoughtful-crafted design.
MS Design was founded by landscape designer and horticulturist Marie Salembier. Marie Salembier grew up in France between Paris, her home and south of France, her grand parents’ home. At age 18, Marie started working as a fashion model and traveled all over the world where she discovered the most amazing places and gardens.  She later chose  New York City as her home. After studying landscape architecture and horticulture, she worked in some of the most prestigious firms  and opened her own practice in which she privileges what she feels most important in landscape architecture: honoring the natural site  and its living-beings.
MS projects are very diverse in location and scale, from private homes in New York City and France to hotels in Japan.
MS Design operates on its own and also collaborates with other leading landscape firms.
MS Design works with homeowners, architects, developers and institutions. 

MS Design focuses on finding the perfect planting palette for the site to promote the establishment of healthy, thriving ecosystems and year-round dialogs between textures and colors. 
MSD has collaborated on a range of public, commercial and residential projects situated in various climatic regions and utilizing plants from the Northeast, Midwest and Western states of North America as well as Europe, the Mediterranean regions and various zones of Asia. MSD favors the use of species endemic to a region, that are pest resistant and drought tolerant, drawing together water-wise, perennial plant communities. MS designs a garden to be experienced as a sensory delight triggering emotions for the visitors.